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In short

Novi svijet (New World), Association for Children and Youth, is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation founded in 1997 in Sisak and its mission is providing non-institutional support for children and youth with the purpose of making their lives happier, healthier and more fulfilling.

Our activities include non-institutional education, prevention of all forms of addiction, promotion of healthy life styles, democracy, human rights and development of civil society, volunteering and humanitarianism, as well as all other areas in which we feel we can improve the role and status of children and youth.

All our programmes are divided into several thematic fields (so-called platforms). The pace and extent of implementation of individual projects depends on a number of different factors, but primarily on the connection of the perceived current needs and available implementation resources.

Since our association was founded our members, friends, co-workers and volunteers organised and successfully implemented more than 100 original, independent projects with the total of about 1,500 different events and field actions.

Novi svijet (New World) is now a recognised representative of the civil sector and a respectable stakeholder in the public life with highly valued and popular programmes and a clear development strategy in the local and global environment.


udruga za djecu i mlade

Trg grada Heidenheima 1
44000 Sisak, Hrvatska

t: 044 536 574


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